Our Story

I feel like so many good stories start with meeting someone on an airplane right? Or at least they’re fun stories to tell! Well that’s exactly where 1to3 Life™️ began - a chance meeting on an airplane! Luke (the other half of the equation) wasn’t even supposed to be there! His original flight was cancelled and he was forced to take a later one, where he was subsequently seated next to his future business partner.

After some awkward small talk, we started discussing our passion for wellness, fitness and then hydration. We both were headed home after quick business trips that left us feeling rundown and dehydrated. We wanted a better, quick and easy electrolyte option than the sugary ones that were currently on the market.

During that convo, a light bulb went off. Not the little light you turn on to get the flight attendants attention… no, it was right there on that airplane that we decided to create and launch a truly junk-free hydration product! Less calories, less sugar, but more of the good stuff like vitamins and electrolytes! After months of planning, testing, re-planning & re-testing… we finally got it off the ground! Which is ironic since we were 40,000 feet off the ground when the whole thing started.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy all that 1to3 Life™️ has to offer. One taste and we know you’ll be living life hydrated in no time!

Ali & Luke
Co-Founders of 1to3 Life™️
Live Life Hydrated.